Taiwanese Stinky Tofu Touches Down on Montreal’s Shaughnessy Village

A new restaurant claiming to be the purveyor of ‘Mtl’s first authentic stinky tofu’ has popped up in Shaughnessy Village. Tapas du Taïwan opened on June 29, taking up residence on St-Mathieu Street, between de Maisonneuve West and Lincoln.
The signature here is Taiwanese-style stinky tofu: fermented bean curd cubes. Commonly sold at night markets across Taiwan and known to emit an odour that carries through space, the street snack hasn’t quite taken root in Montreal. But it isn’t wholly absent either — it was recently sold at the Chinatown night market and is the highlight of one of the mini hot pot options at Taiwanese restaurant Nabe on St-Laurent.

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Valerie Silva